Back to Work Time at GCS!

back-to-workStarting next month, GCS will be deploying resources (that’s a fancy word for people) to go to Chicago for a three month call center consulting engagement.  Our client awarded GCS the consulting project to assess their multiple call center locations to see if there are ways to improve their performance.

This project will require a detailed review of the clients current processes for helping customers  sign up for services, determine areas for improvement and then providing them a “playbook” for implementing an updated version of their process. This update could include consolidating their services offices into one center or just networking the locations together.  We won’t know the best recommendation until we complete the assessment.

The project also includes diversity partnerships.  This means certain duties needed for the project will be outsourced to minority and women-owned sub-contractors.  GCS is committed to diversity in all areas of our organization and are proud to be able to prove it with these partnerships.

Stay tuned for more news about GCS’ expansion.  We are a professional services company primarily supporting contact center and back-office processes.  We help with outsourcing, on-site management and consulting.

Right now it’s time to get to work and help our client.



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