Have You Considered Call Center Consulting?

Because of our background in owning and managing centers, we often get a consulting contract to help a client improve or revamp their contact center process.  We’ve engaged in consulting projects all over the world.   Recently we submitted a proposal for a city college system in a major metro area to help them consolidate seven centers from multiple campuses into one center.

Although each centers is small, it’s a fairly complicated endeavor because it requires consolidation of people, process and technology.

That’s where we have an advantage.  When we did our city college proposal, we recommended using five to eight people for the consulting program.  Our competitors might only use one to three.  We use this team approach because our  experts in finance, might not know telephony.  We have experts in human resources who may not have an in-depth background in workforce management.

So we’ll take a project that might last 90 days and have each person work between 10 and 30 days on the process, depending on their discipline.  For example, our accounting people might only spread 10 days over the life of the project to make sure our solution is fiscally sound and we’re on time and under-budget.  Our recruit, interview, hire and train team might spend 30 straight days because their part requires real time continuity and will have major ongoing impact on the center cost.

Our consulting projects take a lot of preparation time and coordination.  We have a point person who acts like a general contractor keeping all the subs accountable for their duties.  The city college project would have a senior executive sponsor to assume the lead role and then we will quickly assemble a team to guide the project from start to  finish.  These types of engagements are intense, fast paced and even though contracts are tightly written, things change on the fly.

Have a call center or customer contact problem that you need solved? Gain peace of mind by turning to our strong track record and talented team, we would be happy to propose a call center consulting solution that delivers value to your organization.


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