Sales Update & Strategy

Sales is the oldest profession in the world. I guess that makes marketing the oldest process.

Nothing starts ‘til you sell something and nothing gets sold unless it can be explained, branded and promoted.

Our sales and marketing people are working hard to reach the right prospects with the right message about GCS. Over the last several years we have invested resources, lots of resources, to create more depth and diversity of accounts for GCS. We have not reached that objective by any means, but will continue our efforts to do so.


During the month of September sales activity increases as companies prepare for the next year. We’ve had some clients reduce their outsourcing projections due to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s pressure on financial institutions. To respond to this downturn, we have focused more attention on other industries.

We recently hired another salesperson, Jason Sterns, to join Doc Stephens as our dynamic duo of business development. They intend to hunt down key decision makers who need contact center resources in a consistent and scalable way.
Our value proposition now includes customer sales, support and care, business process outsourcing and content moderation.

Content moderation is essentially policing chats and personal website postings to make sure users are meeting social media guidelines and protecting a company’s reputation.

Over the next few months we hope to see more prospects visiting our sites and more start ups coming through our support staff. It all starts when somebody sells something and we’re selling our brand – the source for outsourcing.


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