The Power of Call Monitoring and Compliance

I’ve been spending some time over the past few weeks looking at the call quality monitoring feedback our clients provide. Most of the GCS team is “intimately” familiar with the amount of call quality monitoring our clients do on a monthly basis.  In some cases we monitor directly with our client, in others they have designated monitoring firms that will monitor with us.  In addition to the “live” monitoring we do for most clients these days, we also provide recorded calls of sales and in many cases presentations too.


The call quality monitoring can sometimes seem like it’s an awful lot for us, but it serves many purposes for our clients:

  1. First and foremost, the call quality monitoring process gives our clients insight into how we are handling their customers.  As most everyone is aware, our interactions with customers when we call them to offer a product or service or handle an inbound call is oftentimes the only interaction a customer may have with our client.  To the customer we are the client we represent.  Our clients monitor to insure we are treating their customers with respect, professionalism and increasing the bond they have with them in a positive way.  Always remember that we represent our clients to their customers.
  2.  Second, call quality monitoring is conducted for compliance purposes.  Most of our clients operate in environments where they must adhere to certain standards with the scripting, product, offer, etc., based on rules and guidelines they are provided.  The call quality monitoring process helps them insure the compliance aspects are not only being followed by their partners but also to insure what they’ve provided as the guideline meets their needs.
  3.  Call quality monitoring by our clients or their designated third parties is meant to give us feedback just like we give our associates internally.  If any of you have seen the feedback from our clients provided to us, you probably know they look for the same things we do surrounding call flow, voice inflection, key word emphasis, pace, tone, response usage, etc.  Our clients provide monitoring to us so that they can help us improve.  In most cases, clients score their sessions independently from our own internal sessions and provide that to teams and areas within their organization.  Their scoring is vital to their internal teams’ perceptions of GCS.
  4. Call quality monitoring from our customers helps us calibrate against their expectations.  Just as we calibrate among teams within each contact center and among each GCS center, our clients want to calibrate with us and share best practices they learn from listening to interactions with other contact center providers.  This calibration can really lend itself to identifying further ways we can improve our performance and exceed our clients’ expectations.

I’d like to personally thank anyone who is involved in the preparation for, and implementation of, a quality monitoring session for our clients—whether live or recorded.  It’s a very valuable interaction with our customers and gives us a chance to demonstrate for them just how high a level of professionalism and preparedness we can deliver!


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