Be Willing. Be Eager. Be Both!

We hear the words “willing” and “eager” a lot when it comes to work and other tasks needing to be accomplished.

There’s a difference between being “willing” to do something and being “eager” to do it and in order to be a vital member of any team or community, you should strive to exemplify both.

Willing: Willingness comes more from a place of necessity and responsibility. The very definition of willing is “disposed or consenting.” For example, you might be willing to cook dinner for your family because you have to eat, as well. You might lack eagerness because you’re only willing to do it so you can eat.

Have you ever heard people say something to the effect of: I’m willing to do that, if you NEED me to. Statements like this one  do not come across as dynamic and zealous. Just because you are willing to do something, does not mean you are interested in the task.

Eager: Being eager, in the context of accomplishing something, comes from a place of excitement, drive and passion. Eager is defined as “keen in desire or longing.” You are eager to get started on that project at church because you are passionate about what purpose it serves the community. An eagerness is when you’re rarin’ to go to get the task accomplished.  Wouldn’t you share someone’s enthusiasm if they said “I’m eager to start this right away?” Exemplifying eagerness shows immense interest in not only beginning the task but seeing it all the way through.

To be willing and eager means different things for everyone. It comes from what interests you and what motivates you to complete tasks. There are lots of things we don’t necessarily want to do but are willing to do them because they have to get done. When it comes to something important, like a task at work, try to show willingness AND eagerness to complete it. It gets others on board and it helps you create a positive image of yourself to the individuals involved.

If you’re the manager of a team, either at, or outside of work, it’s your job to show others what it means to be willing and eager. You are willing to be average but you’re eager to be a champ!

That’s why it’s important to do something you love. You will go further in life if others see your eagerness put to work rather than your willingness to get it done.

Don’t be the person who waits to be called on to help because others know you are “willing.” Instead, be the eager person at the front of the line hoping to volunteer.  The eager person will play a more prominent role in organizations and their community because of their outward enthusiasm.

Be that person – today.






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