Summer Safety Tips from GCS

Kids everywhere are rejoicing, moms are running around like crazy and the rest of us are just trying to figure out how to beat the heat. A lot goes on in the summer and you have to make sure you’re prepared and poised for a safe season.

First and foremost, enjoy it! Most of you take vacations with your families or at least a little time off to relax. You’ve worked hard and you need the rest and relaxation. So have fun!

Of course, with the fun comes a lot of safety tips you need to be aware of. From the house to the beach, be sure you’ve got yourself covered- in more ways than one:

  • As much as you want to, think twice before posting your vacation plans on Facebook or Twitter. Do you really want the world knowing your house will be completely unoccupied for days on end? Probably not. Sure, it’s fun to be excited but make sure you don’t announce it in a way that could put you or your possessions in danger. That wouldn’t be a fun situation to come home to.
  • Protect yourself from the sun. We’ve recently posted articles about protecting your skin so heed that advice. Also, use the UV index. It can give you clues as to how powerful the sun will be on any given day. At its strongest, you could burn in as little as 10 minutes, so lather on the sunscreen and grab a hat.
  • Make the water bottle your best friend. Seriously. Summer is not the time to be gulping down humongous sodas. Get a reusable water bottle and keep it filled consistently. Always stay hydrated.
  • Make sure you’re safe around water. If you’re spending time at the lake or the beach, take special precautions when engaging in water activities. Be sure you have enough life vests if you’re out on the boat and your friends aren’t swimming alone. Be sure it’s light enough outside to see your group and if there’s ever a heavy current or strong thunderstorm brewing, you get out and get to a safe area. For even more water safety tips, visit
  • Know what’s a true emergency. A scrape on the knee from tripping in your flip flops doesn’t constitute a true emergency; however, a bee sting to a child who’s allergic definitely is. Be sure when you’re throwing parties, going on vacation and getting friends and family together that you have a way to reach emergency services if needed.
  • Leave the fireworks to the pros. Yes, they’re fun and you can get them almost everywhere but why risk it when there are a ton of fabulous fireworks shows all around? Check one of those out and save yourself the trouble of calling the fire department.
  • Dodge the mosquitoes. Use insect repellent and make sure all screens and doors are closed tight. Also, dump out any standing water as this can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Keep your common sense. If it seems risky or dangerous, don’t do it. Always wear a seat belt. Never try to do something that precedes the statement “Hey, watch this!”
  • Don’t forget your pets! They get hot, too, so make sure they have plenty of water, shade and love.

Have a safe and spectacular summer!


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