Campaign Director Overview

To put it in simple terms, Campaign Director is a dialing platform. It is a technology solution that allows us to do what our business model sells, to make customer contacts and help our clients manage business relationships.

Primarily we make outbound contact calls to customers for our clients and take inbound calls from customers for our clients. Different platforms have different strengths and weaknesses. Some are great at outbound predictive dialing while lacking robust inbound capabilities. Other platforms are great at receiving and handling inbound calls but lack good outbound predictive dialing capabilities.

Our choice of Campaign Director integrates the best of both.

Campaign Director excels at predictive outbound dialing, using the same predictive algorithm that a longtime, industry leading dialing platform has used for many years. In addition to predictive dialing that maximizes contacts while minimizing abandons, we have the capability to use full blast, progressive, and preview dialing modes for outbound dialing based on client needs and desires, for making those contacts. An additional feature is outbound skills base routing, which allows the right contact managers to connect to the right customers.

Campaign Director excels at inbound call answering with robust skills-based routing, allowing the right customers to connect to the right contact managers. The platform has the ability not only to connect to those incoming calls, but to also conference and transfer those calls on to third party partners (should the clients require that functionality). The incoming calls can be handled prior to a voice connection with an agent, by using the industry leading IVR and call handling software that Campaign Director supports. This includes doing customer looks ups, DTMF data capture, and setting skills and routing based on DNIS, ANI, CallerID, and a number of other possible methods. The inbound call platform is a true customer service platform allowing agents to see a customer’s call history and pull up customer’s existing records.

Both inbound and outbound calls can be fully recorded for quality and monitoring processes. Both inbound and outbound call scripting are web-based, allowing for a great user experience with all the functionality that web based users are familiar with. This facilitates training and helps agents to be productive quickly. But perhaps the best feature of the Campaign Director platform is the ability to do true call blending. A queue based platform allows agents to make outbound calls and at the same time, be available to receive inbound calls when they come. Because we can skills base route calls on both the inbound and outbound side, we can guarantee the customer will always be connected to the right agent. Not only can we blend our agents, but we have the ability for a client’s campaigns to be used simultaneously in both the inbound and outbound modes. We can take a primarily inbound program and make outbound return calls to customers at their convenience. We can also take a primarily outbound program and receive incoming
callbacks from the customers at their convenience. This dual functionality can create a great customer experience.


Some of the advantages the Campaign Director platforms brings to GCS include:

  • Better agent utilization
  • A great manager console interface for managing campaigns, parameters, and agents
  • System reports for analyzing call results
  • A recording interface for quality monitoring calls
  • Internal video monitoring of agent screens with the ability to “help” agents should they require it
  • Internal voice monitoring with the ability to monitor, coach, or conference with an agent real time during calling

Coming soon to the Campaign Director platform will be e-mail and chat campaign capabilities. Stay tuned! It just keeps getting better and better.


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