Say This, Not That; Changing Language in Your Contact Center

We use a lot of jargon in this industry. Most of the terms have been floating around for years. Sometimes, though, certain words develop a negative connotation.

At GCS, we are trying to adopt more positive, cutting-edge terms. Doing this will make us more successful because we will sound more professional.

Here are some examples of words we should eliminate from our conversation:

    • Telemarketing – An overused and entirely negative term. Instead say “customer interaction,” “customer outreach” or even “customer service.”
    • Call floor – Instead of saying “call floor” try using the term “service center.”
    • Rebuttal – Rebutt is what we do to an opponent in a debate. Instead use the term “response.” In conversation we respond to people. We are trying to connect with, not beat up, the customer.


  • Call center – Like “shop” or “labor” they are industrial sounding words. Describe our sites as “contact” or “customer care centers.“ That is a what we do.
  • Rep – At GCS, we should refer to our employees as “CMRs” or “associates.” The term “rep” is short for representative. Shortening titles is unprofessional. We don’t say “Sup,” “Site Man” or even “Pres” do we?
  • Script – “Script” denotes control and a lack of personalization. Instead, use the term “call guide” to describe a resource for assisting us in our presentations.
  • “Please keep in mind” – A better transition is “here’s a recommendation” or something similar to that.

Let’s present a positive image of our company and our industry. Using better words is a step in the right direction.


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