Good FEATURES lead to BENEFITS you can use to your ADVANTAGE

Long held sales advice was, “Know the FEATURES, but sell the BENEFIT.” The thought was while good selling skills require strong product knowledge of features, what people buy is the benefit the product or service brings to them. That is a good start, but don’t forget the ADVANTAGE provided by the benefit. The advantage is the emotional edge provided by ownership of the item being sold.

Many buyers consider themselves driven by logic. But recent study has shown we use emotion, in a fraction of a second, to decide what outcome we want and then we immediately begin looking for logical reasons to support our desired outcome. Most emotions fall into four categories; things that make us:

  1. Mad
  2. Sad
  3. Glad
  4. Fearful


For example, at GCS we sell insurance products on behalf of our clients. Many buyers know they need insurance, but who wants to buy on “NEED”. It’s much more fun to buy what we “WANT”. So good sales people work to make the FBA connection.

For example, when selling insurance

  • Feature = Insurance
  • Benefit = Coverage
  • Advantage = Peace of Mind

feature-benefit-advantageI may need insurance because I lack coverage for my auto. But I really want peace of mind that when my sixteen year old driver backs into the neighbor’s car, I will not have to pay for the damage out of savings account.

So whether selling insurance or selling your new idea to your boss – remember FBA. By developing the skill to make the connection from feature, through benefit, to an advantage that answers the emotional need, you will find yourself more frequently on the winning side of the selling process.

And when you are ready to enjoy the satisfaction and rewards of reaching your goals for maximum customer satisfaction and fully monetized customer interactions, investigate the professional sales and service representatives in the integrated contact centers of GCS.

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