Help Your B2B Company in 10 Minutes a Day Using LinkedIn

Spend 10 minutes each day over the next 6 days helping your company increase their leads.  Why? Well everyone wants more business!


linkedin-profile1Day 1: Complete Your Linked In Profile

Make sure you have a complete LinkedIn Profile. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account yet, it is easy to sign up (Sign up on the Website).  The sign up process will help you fill in most of your profile.  One of the great benefits to your company is that you will appear on the company’s LinkedIn Profile (provided you add your company as a current employer). This video demonstrates some of the features of a complete profile.  And don’t forget to add you company’s website to your profile!


Day 2: Add You Company’s Twitter Account to Your LinkedIn Account

Your LinkedIn Profile can be synced up with a Twitter account.  One way to increase the reach of your company’s tweets is to link it up to your profile.  Every time your company tweets something, your LinkedIn profile will display the tweet, allowing all of your connections to see it.

To add your company’s Twitter account to your profile (you will need to know your company’s Twitter Username and Password*):

  • Login to your LinkedIn account.
  • Navigate to Profile>Edit Profile.
  • 1-11-2012-9-59-39-AMYour profile will come up with little Edit buttons next to all of the editable areas of your profile. Next to Twitter, click Edit and a dialog box, similar to the one below should appear.
  • Click the option to Add Twitter Account
  • A dialog box from twitter asking you to Authorize LinkedIn will appear.  This is where you will have to enter your company Twitter Username and Password.
  • Click on Authorize App
  • You will be taken back to the Manage Your Twitter Settings dialog box (and your company Twitter account should be visible).
  • If you have more than one Twitter account you will be able to select WHICH account to share tweets from
  • Make sure the Tweet Display (to show rich links) box is checked
  • Save your changes

Day 3: Add Your Company’s Blog Feed to Your LinkedIn Account

  • Login to your LinkedIn account
  • Profile>Edit Profile
  • At the VERY bottom of your profile page, you should see an Applications section
  • Click Add an Application and locate the WordPress application
  • Activate it and provide the blog url you would like to display.

1-11-2012-9-59-39-AMDay 4: Search for Connections

LinkedIn does a very good job of finding people you may already know, similar to how Facebook suggests people you may already know, based on mutual connections.

  • Login to your LinkedIn account
  • Under Contacts, select Add Connections
  • A page will come up allowing you to enter you email address.

LinkedIn will then search your email contacts to see if any of them match up to people on the LinkedIn network. From here you can choose to connect with former classmates, current and former colleagues and partners and anyone else LinkedIn is able to find.

Day 5: Re-Connect; Reach Out

Spend some time today reaching out to those old partners and colleagues you found yesterday.  What are they up to?  Maybe their business needs have changed since the last time you’ve spoken to them and maybe they are a fit for your company.

On the right hand side of your connections profile, you’ll see a link to send them a message.  Or you can write a recommendation for them (another great way to re-connect).

1-11-2012-10-07-45-AMDay 6: Join Industry Groups

In the top right of the navigation bar, in your LinkedIn account, there is a search bar.  This search bar conveniently allows you to search for People, Companies, Groups, Jobs, Updates and more.   To find industry groups, type in a search term relevant to your industry.  Or search for an industry group you already know exists.  Some groups are open and you can join immediately, while others require that you request to join.  Before deciding to join a group, check out the group’s page and make sure that the discussions they are having are relevant and interesting to you and your company.  The groups updates will appear in the update feed of your account, and a logo for the group will be displayed on your public profile.   Once you’ve joined a group, or some groups, join the conversation.  Become a thought leader by providing answers to questions people are asking.

This post only scratches the surface of this topic!!!  For more useful tips in utilizing LinkedIn see the posts below:


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