Thoughts on Ten

Some of our employees speak about what it has meant to them to work for GCS for nearly 10 years!

Tina Eskins, HR Director

“To me the most special thing about this company is the many opportunities I have been given over the past 10 years. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the most amazing people I have ever known in my life. I have had the opportunity to watch people grow both personally and professionally. I have had the opportunity to see people who have never even met, come together and support one another in the fun times and the hard times. I have had the opportunity to have leaders who inspire and teach me each and every day. I have had the opportunity to build friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime. GCS is special because of the people and I am very thankful and blessed to have been a part of this team for the past 10 years!”


Jack Whitt, Northern Regional Director

“I’m a very loyal person. When I started with GCS I didn’t even consider a future beyond my career at GCS. Ten years ago, I was a single guy moving from state to state trying to get back to West Virginia. GCS offered me that opportunity and as the company has grown, I have grown too. I now have a beautiful wife and two amazing kids. GCS has been loyal to me through the years on many fronts and I have been blessed to be a part of it from the time before we even had a name.  God opens doors for us and it’s up to us to recognize them, appreciate them and take advantage of them. He blessed me with the opportunity to be a part of this company ten years ago and it continues to bless me and my family today.”

Jeff Meredith, Southern Regional Director

“Having had the pleasure of being here since about four months prior to us making our first call, sometimes you just feel you need to see something through to the end. From the beginning, ALL conversations were about how we were going to be able to take care of lots of people in Southern WV and beyond. The fact the core of the company was started where so many of us call ‘home’ means something a little more special I guess.”

Rushie Shue, Benefits & Payroll Manager

“I worked with Greg and Bryan for over six years prior to the beginning of GCS. When GCS began, I was given the opportunity to work with them again. At first, I worked out of my home office, making weekly trips to Bryan’s house for paperwork and communications. Once the office opened, I began commuting to the office three days a week. GCS is an honest and above-board company and I feel I have always been treated fairly. I love the work I do here and appreciate Greg and Bryan treating me, not only as an employee, but also as a friend. I know my opinion is respected and that is important to me.”

Denise Smith, Office Manager

“I remember the first meeting with Greg, Bryan and others who were hired at that time. It was in October 2001 and it was in the Housing Authority Conference room in Mount Hope, WV. As I came out from that meeting there were children outside as this was a housing complex for low income families. I remember how in my heart I knew some of the children’s lives would soon change because GCS was coming to make a difference in some of their families’ lives. I don’t know the numbers but many people became employed with GCS and many lives were changed. A new hope was given to a little town of people that longed for change – for something new. I am thankful to GCS for this and what GCS did for the community and surrounding communities.

As a resident of Mount Hope and on behalf of the Mt. Hope citizens, schools, and businesses, we thank you. GCS has been good to me in many ways and I have been blessed for the past 10 years to be an associate of this company. Never in my wildest dreams did I know what the future held when a small group of six people met each day in one of my bedrooms. That make-shift office was where we started the journey that led to what GCS is today.”


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