Recap of the Call Center Optimization Forum in Charlotte

If a genius and a moron had a conversation, which one would learn the most?

There is an old proverb that starts by asking “if a genius and a moron had a conversation, which one would learn the most?” The answer – “the genius” because the genius is naturally and constantly curious, while the moron is passive toward learning.

In our industry, sometimes we do not know what we do not know. We work hard with the programs and processes we have and our people are the best you can find. We can only go as far as our own tools and ideas can take us. The tools and processes of the past do not always work in the future, that’s why we have to keep learning.


A couple years ago we joined the Contact Center Network Group (CCNG). Just as the name implies, the members are from no particular industry, they just have one thing in common. Each member has interest in contact center activities.

Recently we participated in a CCNG roundtable session in Charlotte. About 70 people attended and the sessions were very valuable. We learned about new recruiting methods, different types of software for quality assurances, personality testing programs and more. We also met some prospective clients!!

When we came away from the session, we had “take home” value. We had learned about new processes, different ideas and exciting opportunities. Those benefits would have been impossible to obtain by staying in the office. The networking helped us know what trends are occurring, what other contact center professionals are focusing on and where we might grow. We were there, asking questions and trying to learn.

I won’t compare us to a genius, except that we can continue being successful as long as we are naturally and constantly curious. Learning can be rewarding when it is applied to making life better. If we can continue to learn from our friends in the industry and apply overall best practices, we will have better jobs, more meaningful careers and a more rewarding life. Be a genius!


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