What do I do at GCS?

Frank is responsible for overseeing all the company’s client services activities, including client application development and scheduling. He brings more than 20 years of teleservices experience to GCS. Prior to joining GCS, Frank held VP of client services positions in two of the nation’s largest customer care and teleservices agencies.

That’s what our website says about my position at GCS.  But what does that mean?

What do I do at GCS? The easy answer is “whatever needs to be done to be sure our clients are taken care of.”  As Senior Vice President at GCS I wear many hats.  My primary responsibilities include the leadership and oversight of the Client Services Team and our Client Application Development Department.  These two groups handle the critical information and dialogue needed to keep our clients fully informed on their programs.  Making sure that happens requires several different areas of focus.

On a daily basis I work with the Client Services group to ensure all our client’s expectations are met and their requirements and requests are fully communicated and properly carried out by GCS. Each month I work closely with the GCS team to build a solid contact center plan and then I meet daily with the internal team to schedule production time and balance the center allocations in concert with the monthly plan.

I also lead the Client Application Development group. Their focus is twofold, first working with the contact center team to refine the process in order to achieve success on behalf of our clients. Secondly, they work with the client on any adjustments needed from a reporting and process standpoint to ensure the clients’ satisfaction. This team is responsible for programming call guides, specific program development and report and data delivery.

I consider myself fortunate to have wide diversity in initiatives and activities. As I said, I do “whatever needs to be done.” It is great working with two teams who professionally and enthusiastically focus on meeting the client needs. Last, and most importantly, I enjoy the great complement of clients I get to work with every day!


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