What it’s Really Like to Work in a Contact Center

I heard the same thing over and over again, “We’re like a big family.”

I took a trip up to Mt. Hope this past Wednesday with a couple of goals in mind. First, I wanted to take some great pictures of our associates. Check. Second, I wanted to find out what it’s REALLY like (from our associates’ perspectives) to work for a contact center.

A couple of weeks ago I ran across this article in Call Center Helper that I thought was very insightful. Three Journalists examined what call center employees really think about their jobs.  I set out on a mission to find out what our employees at GCS think about their jobs.  This series of articles will shed some light on what it’s really like to work at GCS and dispel some of the stereotypes.


Candice Dickerson has been working at GCS since she was 18. “I feel like I’ve grown up here, in a sense.”

I asked her what she’s learned from working here…

“I’ve learned how to pay attention to detail, how to have conversations. I’ve learned how to be a professional and what it means to have a good work ethic. I’ve learned how to effectively communicate with othersIt’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. I’ve learned how to be a businesswoman and not just an associate. And I’ve taken everything I’ve learned working here and used it in my personal life.

I talked to several of our associates and I was hearing similar responses from all of them.  One associate claimed that the most important skill he’s learned while working at GCS is listening, which recalls a previous post about exactly that skill.

Associates like ours make all the difference!


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