The Cox’s

Genese Cox is shy.

She said talking to strangers is an uncomfortable situation for her. But working at GCS has given her more confidence and now she says, “It’s easier to talk over the phone.” Her husband Darvis, who sits next to her at work echoes, “It used to be much harder for her to talk to strangers.”

Genese and Darvis have been working at GCS for about a year and six months. They seem to enjoy their jobs and have the benefit of sitting next to each other!

“I didn’t know how to talk to people,” Genese says referring to her skills before GCS training classes. “Now it’s not so hard.”

When asked about what she does at GCS, Genese replies, “We’re just giving information.  It [the product] might be better than what the caller already has.”

I asked Darvis the most important skill he has learned while working for GCS and he said listening.  “Listening to customers helps build on your relationship with them…very much.” He agreed that it was also a skill that transferred well to his personal life, but I refrained from asking Genese about that.


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