You’ve got 45 seconds!

…or the Art of the Elevator Pitch…

How many times have you been in a situation where you’d like to inform a stranger about the great things your company could do for them but found yourself stumbling or them uninterested?

Here’s a good example of how NOT to make a sales pitch…

Now, we all hope that our pitch doesn’t end up like this… then again, it’s unlikely we would interrupt our customer with a claim outta left field that has nothing to do with their concerns or desires and expect them to jump for joy and throw money at us.

Alternatively, in an attempt at turning that stranger into a customer, you could follow the three steps that Bob Bly outlines for making a successful Elevator Pitch.

Bly says, “An ‘elevator pitch‘ is a 60-second introduction to who you are, what you do, and why others might be interested that you give to stranger in networking and social situations – like riding up in an elevator together.   Taught to me by my friend, sales trainer Paul Karasik, the 3-step elevator pitch formula is a unique, no-pressure way of actually getting the other person interested in learning more about what you do – while eliminating the discomfort of talking to strangers.”

Bly explains:


Use these three steps in your next elevator pitch and it’s more likely that stranger will turn into your next customer, instead of assaulting you…

  1. Do you know how….? (set the scene with a problem the person can identify with)
  2. What we do is….. (explain what you do that solves that problem)
  3. This allows you to….(talk about the benefits achieved by working with your company)


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