What’s on the menu? GCS’s Services.

The other day I was dining at a local restaurant I often frequent. I rarely glance at the menu and usually order the same meal, mainly because I am never disappointed with the consistency of the selection. In fact, the waitress usually just asks, “The usual?”

This day however, there was a new waitress and before I could give her my order, she told me about their Special of the Day. Catching me off guard, I hesitated briefly before responding “Sure, I’ll give it a try.” Needless to say, it was pretty good and the change was fun.

In looking at the activity of many of our clients, I notice a similar trend. Many of them are consistently dining on just one or two of GCS’ services. We trust it is because they like the consistency of the performance and how from month-to-month we rarely disappoint. We certainly appreciate the repetitive vote of confidence and thank them for this business.

Still, GCS has an assortment of services on our menu and I would like to take a moment and point out a few our “specials.” Many of these can be added to the monthly mix to increase revenue, grow customer loyalty and reduce costs.


Increase Revenue

Cross-Sell, Upgrade or Down-Sell – Once contact is made, don’t stop with just one offer, increase your chances with a soft proposal for an additional, relevant product.
Winbacks and Lapsed Accounts – We can help reestablish connection with lost accounts and offer incentives to come back or at least learn why they left.

Grow Customer Loyalty

Welcome and Anniversary Calls – The importance of proactive
customer service in building a profitable relationship is important. It gives you an opportunity to show you care and thank them for the business.
Database Enhancement – Once contact is made, we can confirm email addresses, household statistics, exdates and other useful information.

Reduce Costs

Warm Transfers – Use GCS to validate contacts before sending them to your dedicated contact center or use our agents to close offers generated by other means.
BPO Services – Most repetitive tasks requiring human input are ideal for our agents to handle, reducing your fixed cost of labor and management headaches.

I suggest you take a moment to speak with us about the many options we have on our enticing menu. We are pretty good with à la carte as well. Let’s see how GCS can add more dough to your plate.


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