Perceptions & How We Present Ourselves

Last week GCS had the opportunity to sit down and examine the progress we were making towards altering our language to be more performance centric;  focused on communication and presentation skills.   This has been a long term transformation initiated two years ago.  Another piece in this puzzle is examining how we are presenting ourselves to potential clients.  Our  CEO, Greg Alcorn has this to say about altering our presentations.

Sometimes using different words to describe the same thing gives you a different attitude about the offer. We provide outsourced teleservices; no, it’s customer care.

In our most recent sales meeting, we used more new terms to help describe our business model. In striving to create more depth and diversity of accounts, we need to build our network of product buyers, as well as service buyers. Instead of mainly talking to buyers of outsourced teleservices, we’re establishing relationships with direct response decision makers, too.

During our sales meeting, we learned that buyers like demos more than long PowerPoint presentations about your company history and capabilities. We plan to add audio content in our sales presentations, our webinars and on our website. We want to preach what we practice.

Our new marketing approach follows the inside-out approach. Over the last two years, we have
changed our language internally to become more performance-centric and focused on communication and presentation skills. Our supervisors are committed to allocating 80% of their time to monitoring and coaching. I have made a commitment to counting monitoring forms at the beginning of each day before reviewing any production numbers like hours or conversion rates.

Our language change internally has transformed our language we use with our clients and prospects externally. Yes, we’re preaching what we practice And that’s creating a whole new attitude about our company.


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