It’s a g.A.s.

The famous motivational speaker and writer, Zig Zigler, teaches the importance of attitude with an exercise called “G.A.S.” He’ll ask you to visualize your favorite teacher or manager and to write down ten or fifteen attributes of that person. For example, one of my favorite teachers was smart, encouraging, fair, energetic, listened carefully, was challenging and wore glasses.

Once I wrote these qualities down, Mr. Zigler would ask you to separate the words into three categories –

  • God-given
  • Attitude
  • Skills

God-given qualities were mostly physical like tall, short, curly hair, keen eyesight, etc. When you place attributes of your favorite person under this category, there are very few listings. Under the “skills” heading, Zig would enter attributes learned, like typing fast, singing beautifully, artistic, organized, or great mechanic. Usually, a favorite teacher or manager has a few entries in this category, but not the most.

Look back at the description of the teacher in paragraph one. Five out of the seven descriptive terms would go under the “attitude” section. Zig would say everyone has G.A.S. (God-given, attitude and skills), but attitude is the most important. Zig spells it “gAs” with a Capital “A,” since “Attitude” is so meaningful and dominant to making a positive impression.

At GCS, attitude is the key. We can teach skills. We are accepting of all God-given shapes and sizes. When it comes to attitude, we see that as a difference-maker. A good attitude goes a long way. No one wants to hang around with someone with a bad attitude. We like energy gaining associates, not energy draining. We like people who say “good morning” and mean it, or “how are you doing?” and really want to know. Yes, attitude is the key. How much gAs do you have?


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