The Power of Partnership

Frank Camp, VP of Client Services tells us how GCS approaches client relations.

At GCS we have built our business on, and are firm believers in, sustainable long-term partnership with our client. At the core of our business is a strong commitment to meeting your needs because we understand that objective is directly related to our success as a business.

Many terms are used to describe companies providing similar outsourced services, such as: vendor, supplier, “phone shop” and “phone room.” But we definitely prefer the term, partner.


Partnership connotes a very different meaning and approach to the type of relationship one wishes to build with anyone involved in a close relationship. The dictionary definition of partnership is “a relationship between groups or individuals characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility as for the achievement of a specified goal.” What a great definition.

First, partnership means a relationship. Our primary function is contacting customers on behalf of our clients, so it’s very important to have a strong relationship. We represent, foster and deliver our clients’ brand on a minute by minute basis every day. In many cases, the contact we have with our clients’ customers is the most frequent direct contact a customer will have. With this immense responsibility, building a relationship with our clients is critical to understand your business, and then fostering elements of your culture within our own.

How can our clients help? First. consider us an extension of your organization, and help us with building our education and processes to ensure we interact in a way that represents your commitment to customers. One of our clients shares with us customer interaction feedback from independent surveys done after our calls. Many of the questions in the survey surround, not only the interaction we have with the customer, but how we represent our client’s “brand”. The feedback provides invaluable information we can use to adjust our process.
Secondly, partnership means mutual cooperation and responsibility. This is the essence of being a true partner with your organization. Our success hinges on mutual cooperation to deliver the services to your customers as you wish, and the responsibility (an awesome one at times) to deliver your products and services within the guidelines we receive. With so many guidelines, rules, regulations and standards, we rely on your cooperation to inspect our services and to work with us to deliver them in a way that exhibits the responsibility we share.

What often may seem a simple process, can be complex to implement, while ensuring compliance with the other standards. Your partnership to make sure we mutually agree with, and implement, every aspect of the service we provide is paramount to our success.

Last, partnership ends with achievement of a specified goal. Most of our clients do give us “goals” relating to sales objectives, service levels, contact rates, etc., but just as important (if not more so) is to understand the high level objectives you have so we can mutually drive our strategies to achieve those goals. Important with any goal is alignment with all the parties involved so we “march to the same drummer.” Equally important in achieving goals is building the trust needed to work jointly to achieve them. Several of our clients share with us their company goals and their individual goals, so we can understand all drivers for success.

Knowing the full picture enables us to drive the key metrics needed for success.

In summary, partnership means many different things, but most importantly, mutual trust, respect and cooperation with each other to achieve a JOINT goal. We value your partnership with GCS and hope you see that we strive each day to build an even stronger partnership with you!


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