Mind Your Manners!

Greg Alcorn on Minding Your Manners…

Where did you learn your good manners? Manners like saying Please and Thank You, opening the door for someone, and writing personal Thank You notes.  It seems like every generation can pick a TV or radio personality that defines their approach to manners: Barney, Mr. Rogers, Captain Kangaroo, even Ms. Manners, herself, and many more.


Today, at GCS, we strive to practice good manners.  I’d point to our Client Visit Principles as a guideline to our approach to being professional, polite and considerate.  Here are some examples:

  • When chauffeuring a client, drive as if you have a goldfish bowl on the passenger seat and don’t want to spill any water. Always tell the client how long the drive will be and ask if they need to stop for anything.
  • Make sure there are drinks and snacks in the conference room.
  • When dining with a client, never out-eat or out-drink the client. Don’t labor over the menu, focus on the client.
  • Choose quickly and get back to business.
  • Always use proper English and no slang or profanity.

There are several more principles for our client visits. And they apply to our everyday interactions at GCS, too.

There’s a whole new set of manners created by the rise in social media communication. We have to be professional with everything we do, no matter when or where. Cameras, audio devices, video equipment are everywhere. Our next embarrassing moment could end up on YouTube in minutes.

GCS has the same rule of thumb as you probably heard when you were young. Make sure you only do or say things your mother would be proud of.  I have a great mother, so that’s the best principle I can think of.


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