Expressed Interest 7/9/10

A newspaper reporter asked the prolific bank robber, Willie Sutton, why he robbed banks. He responded with “because that’s where the money is.” A similar, albeit legal, response can be used to answer the question about why we adjust our work schedules throughout the month, week and day – “because that’s when the customers are available.”

There are three major components to making a great contact with a customer:

1. reach the right person,
2. with the right offer,
3. at the right time.


That third factor is becoming increasingly important. We are finding less customers available during early morning and mid-afternoon hours. We are making efforts to adjust schedules to match our customers’ tendencies. Recently, we have modified schedules to align them closer to our most active time periods. The early results seem to indicate more productivity and better performance, but we still have a lot to learn.

Contacting our clients’ customers at the right time makes for a better experience for everyone. At GCS, that’s where the money is.


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