Independence Day at GCS

Happy Birthday, America! July 4th will be America’s 234th birthday. Our associates in Eastwood City celebrated the Independence Day for the Philippines on June 12th. We are very fortunate to work in countries that are republics and have considerably more freedom and opportunities than many other governments.


July Fourth is a big deal in our area. We have a small town, Faith, that has a weeklong festival with carnival rides, parades, stage acts and, yes, fireworks. Every night the sky lights up with a fairly impressive, colorful display of pyro-technics. If you are close enough to the speakers, you can hear patriotic music played between the flickers and booms. Real fireworks professionals know how to excite a crowd and get us to feel proud and patriotic. Amateurs with fireworks just make us feel scared. I can remember my father and uncle accidentally lighting the entire huge box of fireworks one Fourth of July. Everyone ran for cover around the house and behind trees laughing, yet worried that a roman candle might be pointed our way and fire at any time.

So, be careful this weekend and leave the fireworks to the pros. We’re fortunate to be a company located in countries that respect business independence as well as political independence. Hopefully GCS can have many, many more birthdays and celebrate just like July 4th.


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