A Cure for Unproductive Meetings?


Call Center Cafe has a great article this morning called A Cure for Unproductive Meetings.  Who doesn’t find themselves at one time or another sitting in a meeting thinking about the things they AREN’T getting done while listening to others discuss XYZ? All of the points in the article are good ones, and will go a long way to helping you keep your meetings productive, but there is something that wasn’t mentioned in the article that GCS does to keep meetings productive.  We aren’t afraid to change them! We shuffle around attendees when initiatives and directives require it. We cancel meetings that seem to have run their effective course.  We create new meetings between departments that don’t communicate with each other well enough.  We are constantly reviewing the effectiveness of our meeting practices.

So in addition to all the suggestions in the Call Center Cafe article, keep in mind that your meetings can change in other ways too!


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