For This Generation and the Next

Just like people, companies can get in a rut sometimes.  Routines turn into ruts when you dread the activity and don’t get any value from it.  At GCS, we try to keep refreshing the duties of each person and offer more responsibilities whenever possible. Variety is the spice of life, right?


Our mission statement hasn’t changed much in the last decade. We have an old picture of a flip chart sheet from 2001 showing our core values that remain intact today. One of our lifelong commitments is to “provide opportunities to those who want them”.  Some people are content to stay in the same job, while others want different experiences.  We try to accommodate both. That’s why our mission statement emphasizes the “those who want them” part about opportunities.

Recently we made several organizational changes in our operations department.  Some folks received new responsibilities,  some moved to other departments and some reporting lines were changed.  We are in the BPO business now and different processes require organizational changes.  The tenure of our management team keeps getting longer.  Our bank of experiences and wisdom continues to grow and we are becoming more productive at every level. With these improvements in our business model, we’re able to meet one other part of our mission statement – be here for this generation and the next. We have great people who are getting experiences in a variety of departments and responsibilities. Our team of experienced managers, agents and CMRs make us a real asset to our clients and our communities. Let’s keep it up!

I look forward to 2020. Because ten years from now, our mission statement and business will be twenty years old. The business might change, but I bet the mission statement will be the same.


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