Expressed Interest 6/10/10

Overall, our contact center work is pretty repetitive. We are asked to provide great customer service for our clients several times each day. The majority of our customer contacts are the same; yet, every two years, a predicted, radical change to our routine comes along – national elections.


Since we started GCS in 2001, the political season has been a time of hectic diversion to our insurance and financial mainstream. Over the last five political cycles, GCS has been asked by candidates and causes to raise awareness, get-out-the-vote or persuade voters to cast their ballot for them. Over the last ten years, my guess is we’ve made over ten million political telephone contacts for close to every type of candidate or cause imaginable.

Political calling is a great diversion for us. Our associates get to have fun with the competitive spirit of the political process without getting all wrapped up in the issues or races. Since many of the Senate and House seats are outside of our states, we don’t have that furious devotion to one candidate.

Our long term clients benefit from our political calling. The political work requires quick turnaround, accurate presentations and precise, virtually real time, reporting. I wouldn’t say it’s like speed-dating, but close.

Over the years, our clients have expressed interest and appreciation in our commitment to the political process. The election process is part of our countries’ freedom and fiber. We are fortunate to have a say and be able to participate.

We make a positive difference in the direction of our political process. That’s great. Don’t forget to vote!


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